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Who We Are

Cutting-Edge Care

At the La Jolla Center for Neurofeedback our psychologists, Robert F. Burgess, Ph.D. and Timmie A. Pollock, Ph.D., have over 30 years experience as clinical psychologists. They both have over 12 years experience as trained neurofeedback therapists.

About Us

Robert F. Burgess, Ph.D.
California Psychologist License PSY9233
Qualified Medical Examiner 908373

Dr. Burgess is a licensed clinical psychologist, trained neuropsychologist, and Qualified Medical Examiner (QME) in the state of California. He also completed advanced training in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy at the San Diego Psychoanalytic Society and Institute. His clinical practice includes neurofeedback training, psychotherapy, neuropsychology, and peak performance. Dr. Burgess practices behavioral medicine in focusing on psychological treatments to alleviate physical symptoms. Often, he integrates different modalities to treat many conditions such as ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities, traumatic brain injuries, strokes, and neurocognitive disorders.

Dr. Burgess also works with clients with headaches, migraines, and sleep disorders, along with autoimmune disorders. In addition, his professional interests include preserving and enhancing brain function through the lifespan. He also has developed an Executive Training Program to improve the functioning of professionals. It provides a state-of-the-art assessment and training program for those individuals actually wishing to improve their mental performance, emotional balance, manage stress effectively, and work more productively and efficiently.

Timmie A. Pollock, Ph.D.
California Psychologist License PSY9321

Dr. Pollock is a licensed clinical and sport psychologist with over 30 years of professional experience. Her clinical practice includes both psychotherapy and neurofeedback training. She frequently integrates different modalities in order to achieve optimal results in the treatment of a variety of conditions ranging from depression and anxiety to ADD/ADHD, autistic spectrum disorders, and learning disabilities. In addition, Dr. Pollock works with numerous medical conditions with related psychological symptoms including migraines, tinnitus, sleep disorders, autoimmune disorders, traumatic brain injuries, movement disorders, along with strokes to name a few.

As a sport psychologist, Dr. Pollock has received the C.C. AASP designation or Certified Consultant with the Association of Applied Sport Psychology and has specialized training in working with equestrian athletes to improve their performance for over 25 years. She is the author of multiple magazine articles and book chapters on the topic of equestrian sport psychology.