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Sport Psychology

At the La Jolla Center for Neurofeedback, athlete’s physical and mental performance are improved through treatment. We treat athletes from all sports, but we specialize in equestrian sports. Dr. Timmie Pollock has been providing sport psychology services for over 25 years. Also, Dr. Pollock is an accomplished equestrian herself.

Sport psychology includes the study of how psychological factors affect the athlete’s performance. It also studies how participating in a sport affects both psychological and physical factors. In practice, a sport psychologist will provide training in psychological skills for the athlete. A sport psychologist can work with coaches and parents regarding their client’s performance in competition. Also, sport psychologists can assess the athlete’s readiness to return to competition after an injury.

Sport psychologists are often clinical psychologists who integrate research in their practices. Dr. Timmie Pollock addresses roadblocks that inhibit her client’s performance. She studies each individual athlete, reviews research, and determines which treatment is best for her clients. Treatment can include the following:

  1. Mental skills training such as relaxation, visualization, self-talk, goal-setting, and focus and concentration.
  2. Physiological training such as heart rate variability (HRV), biofeedback, and neurofeedback training.
  3. Mindfulness meditation to improve relaxation and focus in competition.

In conclusion, Dr. Pollock trains her clients in these skills leading to them excelling in their performance. Perspective clients can contact Dr. Pollock through her voicemail or through her email at equexcellence@aol.com.