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Scheduling & Payment

In general, The La Jolla Center for Neurofeedback is open Monday through Friday, 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, although Dr. Burgess and Dr. Pollock's hours vary. We accept personal check, cash, and some insurance companies’ payments. For more information about making an appointment or payment, click below.

Payment Information
The La Jolla Center for Neurofeedback accepts some insurance companies. Please note that these insurance companies may limit the types and kinds of services for which they provide compensation to providers. As noted, submitting payments through your insurance company inherently involves some loss of confidentiality and privacy. For more information about insurance, confidentiality and privacy, please contact Dr. Robert F. Burgess or Dr. Timmie A. Pollock to inquire more about the services provided.

Contact Dr. Robert Burgess or Dr. Timmie Pollock directly on their respective voicemails or alternatively contact them at their individual emails. For Dr. Burgess, email him at rfburgessphd@aol.com. For Dr. Pollock, email her at equexcellence@aol.com.