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Talking Helps
At the La Jolla Center for Neurofeedback, we have over 30 years experience each as clinical psychologists and over 12 years each as neurofeedback therapists. We provide psychotherapy to couples, families, adolescents and adults. Some conditions we treat include mood disorders like unipolar and bipolar depression, posttraumatic stress disorder, and anxiety disorders. We also help clients adjust to life changes, improve their personal relationships, and increase their productivity at work. We focus on strengthening existing personal strengths as well as overcoming obstacles.

Psychotherapy is a process that helps in learning new, constructive ways in dealing with problems and overcoming challenges. It is often goal-oriented with targeted treatment goals. Psychotherapy is effective in treating symptoms, enhancing self-esteem, and improving relationships at work and home. In addition, it is helpful in learning new skills and changing behaviors within the context of a therapeutic relationship.

At the La Jolla Center for Neurofeedback, we provide psychotherapy by understanding how and why a person thinks, feels, and acts, particularly in situations they encounter in their lives. We form effective working relationships with our clients and help them both with solving personal and professional problems.

One of our top priorities is protecting our clients’ confidentiality and their anonymity. We conduct therapy behind closed, soundproofed doors. Our client files are kept in a locked cabinet in a separate room for safety and security of their records.