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Peak Performance

Reach Your Summit

At the La Jolla Center for Neurofeedback, often our clients tell us that they know that they are not at the “top of their game” and how their performance varies from day-to-day. However, with neurofeedback training in combination with skill development, our clients are able to function at their best and to achieve their peak performance. Neurofeedback training enables our clients to become more aware and have better control over their internal processes. Our clients learn how to be more relaxed and focused, to think more clearly, to remember information more easily, and respond and perform more effectively, not only in their personal, but their professional lives.

  • Executive Training
    Sharpening of mental abilities. Increasing social and emotional intelligence for professionals.
  • Brain Brightening
    Rejuvenating the brain as it ages. Recapturing mental and physical functions.
  • Sport Psychology
    Excelling in performance.