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At the La Jolla Center for Neurofeedback, we not only provide evaluations for our clients, but also those based on referrals from other mental health providers. We provide evaluations to assess a person’s functioning ability. These assessments cover many areas:

  1. Psychological Evaluations
  2. Neuropsychological Evaluations
  3. ADD/ADHD Assessments
  4. qEEG Evaluation*
  5. Sport Psychology Assessments
  6. Peak Performance Assessment

As noted, at the La Jolla Center for Neurofeedback, we provide qEEG evaluations for our clients. The qEEG is a method of measuring the brain’s electrical activity. By using quantitative analysis, brain patterns are identified that are often associated with diagnosed conditions and/or cognitive dysfunctions. Topographical displays of the brain’s electrophysiological activity are displayed and printed in a report. These “brain maps” are used to develop treatment plans in neurofeedback training that help clients to recover from an injury, remediate cognitive difficulties, and achieve peak performance in their lives.